Great form of Gurukuliya education

Great form of Gurukuliya education

Sadhvi Devpriya 

Kulanushasika and Head of Department,

Patanjali University, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

8. Sustainable & enjoyable education (with life skill)

(Nurturance, education with skills and joy of life) Modern educationists have also realized that education should be with fundamental skills of life like fraternity, co-existence, non-violence, freedom, joy with collective wisdom Containing etc. In ancient times, while living in the presence of the Guru in the Gurukul, a child used to live with many Brahmacharis. All of them used to take care of each other's happiness and sorrow, service, beauty etc. The lessons taught by the Guru were repeated by all together, due to which the qualities of collective intelligence, brotherhood, co-existence etc. were easily developed.

Tam Shishyagurusabrahmacharivishishta shreyorthibhiranasuyubhirabhyupeyat II [52]

In Gurukuliya education, students at one time eat food by asking for alms. This develops the feeling of brotherhood and co-existence. How beautifully the Acharya teaches his disciple in the Gurukul while preaching non-violence-

Om Madhumanme Nikramana Madhumanme Parayana. I Wacha Vadami Madhumada Bhuyasam Madhusamdrishah [53]

May both my attitude and retirement in the world be full of sweetness. May I speak sweetly and in this way, knowing the secret of this sweetness, may I become like the sweet God. What can be a higher ideal of education than this?

8. Solution based education. (Solution Education)

In the new education policy, it is believed that education should bring solutions to the problems of life, because from the experience till date, it is being seen that today's educated youth take only one certificate and go here and there in search of a job. Roaming around with problems and sometimes even after being respected in a high position, he is seen committing suicide, all this is the result of cultureless education. This cannot be the true form of education. With an example of Gurukuliya education, you will know how complete that education was in itself. In the Chhandogyopanishad, Guruji orders his disciple Aruni to make a dam to stop the water in the field, when the flow of water cannot be stopped. So Aruni stops the water flow by laying his body in front of the water flow without telling Guru ji any compulsion. Similarly, in Ramayana, Shriram, Lakshmana, Bharata, Hanuman, Mata Sita, Anjana, Maharishi Dayanandadi great men are seen to find solutions to every problem because their education and initiation took place in Gurukulas, in the modern age the most revered Gurudev revered Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj And Revered Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj has taught not only India but the whole world the art of living in a new way by extracting solutions to physical, mental and economic problems from Yoga, Ayurveda and Swadeshi. The Gurukuliya education system is a strong proof in front of us.

9. Self-reliant education

Today, big countries like China, Australia, Japan etc. are self-sufficient in most of the subjects because of taking support of this type of education policy, but it seems that they have adopted this quality somewhere from the Indian education system. In ancient Gurukuls, the education given from morning till evening used to make self-reliant.

Pratidinam Ratrauh Pashchime Yame Chotyayavashyakam Kritva


Rastutiprarthanonpasanayogabhyasa Nintyamachar. [54]

Shushilo Mitbhashi Sabhyo Bhawa II [55]


dhanodakasparshanacharyapriyacha Ranapratah Sayamabhivadanamvidyam-Sanchayajitendriyatvadeenyete Te Nityadharmah II [56]

All the students wake up in the Brahmamuhurta and after their daily routine, according to their interest and ability, skill in various types of education after attaining Samavartan Sanskar, by becoming self-sufficient in life, by becoming physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual, cultural and material prosperity, they used to inculcate the spirit of all-inclusive and universal brotherhood in public life.


Compared to the ancient era, there has been a lot of increase technically in the promotion and dissemination of education in modern times. Accordingly, there has been a considerable jump in the number of teachers, students and education centers. But along with this timely growth, in today's economy, the meaning of education has also changed a lot. This western process of intellectual enrichment happening in the absence of inner understanding is turning human into a thoughtless, insensitive and directionless mechanical creature. Due to the blind mentality of self-centered development, all the ideals of humanity are getting destroyed. Before taking policy decisions, we need to seriously review the ancient Indian education system and the human values replaced by them. For this, there is an urgent need to appoint such teachers in modern education centers, who, using their intelligence, can sprout the sublime qualities of intelligence, emotionality, good character and effort, as well as the sacred understanding of spirituality, and pave the way for their all-round development. Can pave Along with subject efficiency, the basic foundation of Indian education has also been man-making (Manurbhav). He is considered a scholar who is a motherly person who is a motherly person. Hitopadesh, the responsibility of re-establishing these Indian concepts of Mitralabh education is on our shoulders only. Therefore, in order to organize education and teaching methods on a national-friendly and cultural basis, a determined effort will have to be made to reorganize the curriculum with the help of penetrating scholars of the Indian knowledge tradition, and only then the concept of self-reliance can be achieved. This nation will be able to fulfill the resolution of this Ved mantra•

Udyan te purush naavanam jivatunte krunomi krinomi. [58]

Oh man, see that there should always be progress in your life, there should be no downfall.

No, don't fall, I blow life force into you. it's human it is God's order. That is, in reality, knowledge is that which gives us may you be free from all bondages. So today again the same Gurukuliya there is an urgent need to adopt the education system.


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