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America's utensils after eating and cooking meal are kept in the sink for two days, it can cause kidney failure to abortion, children and old people are affected the most:

 Every year 4.80 crore people fall ill in America just because of contaminated food.

here is a centuries old saying in India, contaminated utensils bring poverty. Don't know about the pauper, but false utensils definitely bring disease. That's why people don't leave the dirty utensils in the sink before sleeping. However, in the cities, the tradition of sleeping only after washing utensils is breaking and the utensils used at night are being washed in the morning. In America the situation is even worse. According to a survey here, Americans keep fake dishes in the sink for an average of 2 days. Half of the people run the dishwasher only 3 times a week. That is, as long as they have utensils to eat from, they do not wash the utensils. All these contaminated utensils keep lying in the sink.


It was also revealed in a survey that in economically prosperous homes, false utensils remain lying in the sink for a long time. The survey also found that an American kept an average of 5 items in their freezer last year and never used them during the year. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 48 million people fall ill every year in the US because of contaminated food.

Salmonella, listeria and E. coli bacteria thrive when dirty dishes are left in the sink for a long time. These bacteria are not very effective on healthy people, says Lisa Yax, senior project manager of NSF International, but those who are already "sick" or whose immunity is weak, they fall ill from these bacteria. Pain or diarrhea may occur.

Risk of miscarriage due to severe bacterial infection

There is a risk of kidney failure in case of severe infection. Miscarriage and kidney failure in more severe cases

There is danger. Therefore, whenever there are children, old people and pregnant women in the house, keep the kitchen clean all the time, because these bacteria make them sick the most. Be sure to clean the rubber of your utensils, as NSF International has found the most bacteria here after the sink, blender gasket and the vegetable box in the fridge.

Associate Extension Professor Renfro at America's College of Agriculture, Food and Environment says - Use everything in your kitchen assuming that it is polluted. You will always be healthy. They say that before cooking vegetables or meat-fish, wash thoroughly. After that immediately wash the utensils in which they have been washed.

Take these precautions in the kitchen, the family will be healthy

  Do not keep false utensils and food residues in the kitchen for a long time.

  Clean the kitchen and gas stove after every cooking.

·  Clean it properly whenever you bring vegetables and fruits from outside, keeping them in fridge wash thoroughly first.

  Do not leave dirty utensils and food residues in the kitchen for a long time. Keep Place garbage in a covered bag.

  Inculcate the habit of everyone in the family from child to elder that wash your own eating plate.

  Never keep food in the open. 40 minutes to cook it is best to eat inside.


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'Ultraprocessed' food means to risk dementia

you eat more biscuits and chips etc. then be careful. According to a study done on ten thousand people, ultraprocessed food is more food affects the power of the mind. It can also increase the risk of dementia. According to scientists, this is the most harmful snack that affects cognitive ability. According to this study of middle-aged adults, whose diet consisted of three-quarters of ultra-processed food, their brains declined 28 percent faster than others.

Our body makes cytokines, a protein that plays a special role in pain and inflammation. It is formed rapidly when we eat a lot of sweet things. Ultra-processed foods like cakes, biscuits, and pastries contain more sugar, salt, and saturated fat than other processed foods. The recent study is published in JAMA Neurology. According to neuroimaging studies of the brain, a high intake of food based on Western dietary patterns leads to reductions in factors affecting the brain's hippocampus and cognitive ability.




Increasing trend towards vegetarianism in the world, Americans are taking maximum interest

he trend towards vegetarianism is increasing all over the world. In the last two-three years, a significant part of the population of many countries has adopted it. According to a global consumer survey conducted by Statista, the number of people who prefer vegetarianism has increased the most in America. This trend is also increasing in European countries. At the same time, a decline has been registered in India and China. According to the report, even though this trend has increased due to reasons like protection of life, conservation of natural resources, but it will reduce carbon emissions along with health benefits.

Most vegetarian people in India

Compared to the year 2019, the number of people eating grains, fruits and vegetables has decreased in India, but this is also a fact. It is said that India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world. More than one-fourth of the country's population is vegetarian.

Diet changed to save the environment

Vegetarianism is being served more in three years in America, Britain, Germany and South Africa. Two percent of the US population follows a vegan diet (derived from plants). People here have started taking interest in vegetarianism for the purpose of staying healthy and losing weight. Similarly, 8.8 million people in Britain are considering adopting vegetarianism by the end of the year. Among them, the number of youth is more. People in Germany are environment-conscious, so vegetarianism is being given priority here for many years.

Famous celebrities are telling the benefits

This trend has also increased in South Korea, which is famous all over the world for its barbecue. Here many celebrities follow vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, who keep telling their benefits on social media platforms from time to time. Therefore, along with the local people in South Korea, companies and the government are also paying special attention to this. On the other hand, countries where vegetarianism has decreased include Mexico, Brazil and Spain.

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Even a little alcohol is to be consumed during pregnancy. Dangerous, may affect the child's mind


Liquor or alcohol is one such thing that is forbidden to be consumed during pregnancy. It has been proved in various studies that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is very harmful for the child.

lot of care has to be taken in eating and drinking during pregnancy. In particular, they are prevented from eating such things that can harm the child growing in their stomach. Liquor or alcohol is one such thing that is forbidden to be consumed during pregnancy. It has been proved in various studies that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is very harmful for the child.

Why should not drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Many times women cannot stop themselves from smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Women occasionally drink a little alcohol, thinking it is safe to drink in moderation. But, even this small amount of alcohol can prove to be very harmful for your health.

According to studies and research, women who consume alcohol during pregnancy, their child's birth weight is very less. Similarly, drinking alcohol also has adverse effects on the brain development of the child. Yes, various research claims that drinking alcohol during pregnancy affects the cognitive functions of the child. A research was conducted by Bristol University (United Kingdom), in which efforts were made to understand what would happen if a woman consumes alcohol during pregnancy. The findings of a total of 23 old studies were also studied for this research. The researchers concluded that drinking alcohol during pregnancy affects the brain of the child.

Disadvantages of drinking alcohol during pregnancy

  Low birth weight ie the weight of the child at the time of birth is less than standard level.

  There may be hindrances in the mental and physical development of the child.

  Children may have difficulty in reading and writing.

  When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, the alcohol reaches the placenta through the bloodstream, which can be fatal to the baby.

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Flu vaccine can reduce the risk of heart attack, revealed in research

In a latest research, it has been claimed that taking flu vaccine can reduce the risk of heart to a great extent. These vaccines should be given to people over the age of 65 who have diabetes, suffering from diseases like heart disease, asthma, respiratory disease, kidney or liver.

here is good news for the patients of heart diseases. According to research, getting the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of heart attack. If I tell you in simple words, now heart patients can take flu vaccine to stay healthy. In a latest research, it has been claimed that taking flu vaccine can reduce the risk of heart to a great extent. These vaccines should be given to people above 65 years of age who are suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, asthma, respiratory disease, kidney or liver.


Study done in 10 countries

A study by the Cardiology Department of AIIMS has revealed that influenza vaccine can reduce the risk of heart disease. People with weak heart or suffering from cardiac arrest must get this vaccine. This can help reduce the risk of heart attack. The study was published in The Lancet and was led by Dr Ambuj Roy, Professor, Department of Cardiology, AIIMS. The study was conducted at 30 centers in 10 countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Out of which seven centers were in India, six in China, four each in Philippines and Nigeria, three in Saudi Arabia, two in Mozambique and one each in Zambia, Kenya and Uganda.


What did the researchers find?

Influenza infection is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events and death. That's why patients suffering from old age are advised to take vaccine. Patients who were included in this study were 18 years of age or older. Heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases have decreased by about 28 percent. People who have already had a heart attack should get the influenza vaccine.

The study also found that heart failure could be reduced by 50 percent if the influenza vaccine was given to heart patients. it is estimated. The number of heart failure patients has almost doubled from 33.5 million in 1990 to 64.3 million in 2017.

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reduces-the-risk-of-heart-attack-cardiology-department- of-delhi-alims-research-reveales-2022-11-30-907722


10 kg extra weight of life can reduce three years of life


There is a risk of obesity by using mobile while lying on the bed.

bout 23 percent of men and 24 percent of women according to the the fresh Family Health Survey, India is overweight or obese. Not only this, about 3.4 percent of children under the age of 5 are also under the grip of obesity. Obesity is soon going to become an epidemic in the country. According to WHO, excess body fat increases the risk of type-2 diabetes, 13 types of cancer, heart disease and lung diseases. Not only this, the brain's ability to function is also affected. In the year 2021, about 28 lakh people died due to obesity related diseases worldwide. According to a research, 10 kg of extra weight can reduce the average age by three years. That is, if a person's weight is 30 kg more, then 10 years of his life can be reduced.


Ways that work to control weight:

Eat more protein in breakfast: Balance the hunger hormones

Protein digestion is slow. In addition, it also slows down the appetite-increasing hormones, due to which the stomach feels full for a long time. As a result, the calories that go in the form of food decrease.

Trend the mind: Because balanced diet is a habit

It takes a long time to adopt any new habit or routine. When you follow something new (low calorie, balanced diet) daily, the brain gradually adapts it and turns it into a habit.

Daily habits that increase weight.

Drink water in the morning

Lukewarm water drunk in the morning cleanses the intestines and improves metabolism, which burns more calories. While not drinking water slows down metabolism. Increases the risk of weight gain.

Too little or too much sleep:

Increases calorie intake

People who sleep 5 hours or less are more than twice as likely to gain belly fat. On the other hand, the risk of becoming obese is 21 percent higher for sleeping 9 hours or more. This is due to hormones that increase appetite.

Using the phone lying down at night:

Hormone melatonin affected

The blue light from the phone affects the hormone melatonin which regulates the sleep cycle. Due to which there is a problem in sleeping. Due to incomplete sleep, the hormone ghrelin starts increasing, due to which the person eats more food.


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