Narendra has installed the Rajdand

Narendra has installed the Rajdand

Prof. Kusumlata Kedia  

In the midst of all the protests, Narendra Modi established the traditional religious scepter of India, Shri. This shows the firmness of their self-confidence and resolve. These main characteristics of emperors have been enumerated here. Determination, enthusiasm, power, strength, courage and strategic tact are the essential qualities of a ruler. India is central to the new global geopolitics and Shri Narendra Modi is the ruler of India.
In this historical period able to lead Bismarck is a good example of how emperors or rulers who make their nation strong work in the present times. In 1870, Bismarck spoke for the first time about the unified nature of the German nation. Prior to that, the entire German territory was divided into more than 300 different political units. In fact, the German word itself is a derivative of Hun. The Germans also know this and the whole of Europe knows it very well. So Bismarck claimed that wherever the Huns have been in possession, that entire area is the German nation. Now it is a different matter that Hunas are actually Bharatvanshi Kshatriyas and in Valmiki's Ramayana and Mahabharata they have been called Indian Kshatriyas and in all the Puranas and also in the genealogy of Kshatriyas compiled by Todd, Hunas have been called Indian Kshatriyas, but the Christian priests And the Babu and soldiers and other lower class employees of the East India Company created arbitrary lies for their political and economic goals and propagated the same in Europe. That's why Bismarck did not remember the fact of Hunas being Bharatvanshi Kshatriyas. Although the Germans had started calling the Huns i.e. themselves Aryas in the 20th century AD. 

England-France trembled at the rise of the German nation

Along with the rise of the German nation in 1870, the balance of power in Europe faltered. England did not have an organized army till then. That's why Bismarck had said that only our German police would arrest and bring back British soldiers.
England and France trembled and made a treaty with Russia and took special interest in political changes taking place there. At the same time, he also tried for a treaty with Türkiye. Till then Turkey was a powerful state and that is why it sensed the moves of England and France and kept on diplomatic talks and also kept friendship with Germany. In the war, mainly with the help of Indian soldiers, the so-called Allies got success against the axis nations and they divided Turkey into many small nation-states and started trying to break Germany as well. Ultimately, by winning again in World War II, they succeeded in dividing Germany. However, in all these three nation states, competing and opposing powerful groups of rulers were active. But in the atmosphere of war it became easy to suppress them all and to do so while talking about their respective nationalities.

New nation states were created

The group of so-called Allies themselves set up many nation states in Europe. 2 crore 20 lakh soldiers died in both these wars and newly formed nation state Germany, old Austria-Hungary state and Turkish state were divided. By spoiling the name of Turkey, to show the resemblance of the ruler of that state, the Osman dynasty, to one of their rulers, Auto, England etc. started calling it the Ottoman state. Spoiling the name has also been their well-known strategy.

Britain, America raised Lenin, Stalin

At the same time, by provoking a civil war in Russia itself, Christian rulers ruled there. Lenin and Stalin were assisted in the overthrow of the Soviet Union and the world's first communist state emerged with the help of England, France and the United States. United States of America adopted the policy of Americanization all over the world and Lenin and Stalin adopted the policy of spreading Soviet influence and Leninization and Stalinization all over the world. Thus their friendship turned into competition.

This is how the nation of India was divided

In the same sequence, after using the power of the brave soldiers of the Indian nation in its favor in both the world wars, due to apprehension about their power in the future, the fragmentation of the Indian nation was also ensured. In the first half of the 20th century AD, England handed over the five states of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan to Lenin and Stalin, finding them impassable for themselves. Out of the remaining India, Afghanistan was also made a separate princely state in 1922 AD itself. A plan was made to further fragment the remaining part and a strategy was made to separate the parts containing valuable resources like food grains, dry fruits and minerals etc. from both East and West and for this Hindu-Muslim conflicts were systematically taken to the culmination and East and West Pakistan were created. It was originally planned by England, France and the United States and Gandhiji, Nehruji and Jinnah were cleverly used. To cover up the original nature of the plan, it was presented as Muslim separatism. While the actual Muslim majority areas – Uttar Pradesh and other parts – were allowed to remain as they were and the areas in the east and west which were made religious states, till 15 August 1947 AD, there were a large number of temples, pilgrimage centers of Sanskrit and Hindu religion and Hindu population existed. From which it is clear that Muslim religious frenzy was just a cover and the basic strategy was of the so-called Allies. This is how these nation states have been formed.

Neo Geo-Politics

Now the new geopolitics is melting these nation states on a global scale. New equations are being created and USA, England etc. need India as their friend. Hindu India is needed. They need a Hindu India to deal with both Chinese expansionism and religious terrorism. Russia and even in the current conflict in Ukraine, the England-America side expects India's neutrality. Fortunately, India has a truly dynamic national leadership which understands world politics very well and knows how to take advantage of it. Our Narendra is a ruler who worries about the nation day and night. He said from the Red Fort on August 15 in 2021 - 'This is the time, the right time, the favorable time for India.'

Changing Strategies of the United States

It is not without reason that in the geopolitical studies of the United States of America, it is said to have historically been an integral part of India from Central Asia and Afghanistan to Champa (Vietnam). The United States and England would like the five territories recently separated from Russia to form a common union with India. They no longer have enmity with Japan and to prevent China from moving towards the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, they need the help of all the nation states in that region including Japan. His friendship with India will be beneficial to the United States at this time. The independence of Tibet and the end of the imperialism of the Chinese Communist Party and the re-emergence of cultural China will not be offensive to the United States. In this way, new global geo-politics is automatically emerging in favor of united India and with the support of a strong patriot organization, the emergence of united India will be accepted by world powers.

Importance of Modi ji's presence 

In this context, it is very important for the summit of G20 nations to be held in India. This convention is being held in New Delhi and its slogan is 'One Earth, One Family'. In fact, the G20 group is formed by including 19 countries and the 20th European Union. Together they account for two-thirds of the world's population, three-quarters of world trade and 85 percent of global gross domestic product. Therefore, if there is a decision of fair policy behavior between the governments of these countries, then it will really be beneficial for the whole world. Even in the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, there is no policy justice anywhere. Discriminatory policies and rules have been made everywhere in favor of Europe and America and towards other regions of the world.
Fortunately India is currently being led by Shri Narendra Modi who is a very conscious nation leader towards trade and commerce and international dealings. He has a conscious memory of this. That he is representing a nation of 140 crore people. They know its power and fearlessly demand justice.
Due to the knowledge of this power, he ignored all the protests inspired by foreign forces against India and established the religious scepter (round) in the new beautiful and auspicious building of Parliament with traditional religious activities. They know how to work.

Role of true national leadership

Thus the present national leadership is quite different from the earlier leadership and is national in true and deep sense. He knows the power of the nation very well and has a deep understanding of how it can be best utilized in the national interest. It is not so necessary and important in this era to directly increase the boundaries of the Nation State as to create a greater area of mutual cooperation and harmony. Shri Narendra Modi is fully capable of this. In this way, our Narendra is full of many qualities propounded in our scriptures of Chakravarti Samrat. 


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