According to Ayurveda 'Summer cycle'

According to Ayurveda 'Summer cycle'

Dr. Rashmi Atul Joshi  Scientist E, 
Patanjali Research Institute

Ratvarsha, the summer season is in intense condition till Jyeshtha and Ashadha month. This is the middle time of summer solstice in which the sun exploits the affection (water) of earth and man with its fierce rays. Small water sources start drying up on the earth, due to non-availability of natural water in trees and plants, dryness starts coming. Human beings start experiencing extreme weakness and feel uneasiness because the outside temperature is high. According to the concept of Ayurveda, our food has a direct impact on our overall health. Seasons are characterized by giving vata dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha in the body. The summer season is hot, bright and fast, so people with pitta dosha prakriti should eat foods that provide coolness so that their digestive power can remain normal. Every person should take food according to his daily routine and needs. It is good for health. Man does not get any type of diseases due to having a fixed time of food intake. Food should always be taken only when there is hunger, when the part of the food taken earlier has become dilapidated or digested and there should not be any kind of heaviness or pain in the stomach. By not eating food on time, Pitta gets agitated and by eating food after a fixed time, Vata gets agitated, due to which weakness, tiredness, pain, disorders in complexion arise in the body. The amount of food that can provide a completely balanced diet to the body should be taken. Its requirements are different in every human being. According to experts, the amount of balanced food, which we also call Balanced diet, its various components like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and salts have also been divided according to the life span. Men, women, children, old people, their quantity during pregnancy are different. Apart from this, keeping in mind the physical needs of each class, the quantity of these components is reduced or increased. diet in summer food made of aliphatic substances ie ghee, oil etc. should be consumed in proper quantity, due to which heart diseases, obesity and other disorders are reduced because the intensity of jathragni digests the food easily and with proper digestion, the right energy gives strength to the body. and keeps healthy. Consumption of aliphatic substances also destroys the tridosha. Fresh and hot cooked food should always be taken, food kept for a long time in summer also becomes food for various bacteria, which are also the cause of various diseases. Food kept in the fridge for a long time is also not beneficial.
  •     Dry fruits such as dates, figs, raisins, apricots, apples, pomegranates, watermelons, pears come under the category of unhealthy fruits for people with Vata nature. Apart from this, dry vegetables with various cold properties are also unhealthy, such as bitter gourd, broccoli, raw cabbage, cauliflower, corn, brinjal, mushroom, raw onion, potato, black pepper, radish, millet, buckwheat, sago, pigeon pea, soybean, cowpea, cold Yogurt, goat's milk, chocolate, various caffeinated drinks, etc. Similarly, for Pitta Prakriti people, all types of sour fruits like - various berries, cherries, green grapes, lemon, orange, sour pineapple, plum, tamarind, vegetables like - beetroot, corn, brinjal, garlic, onion, red Chilli, radish, raw spinach, tomato, turnip etc. Cereals like buckwheat, maize, brown rice, muesli, oats, urad dal, arhar dal, salted butter, buttermilk, paneer etc. have been included in unhealthy food. Apart from these, there are some other unhealthy food items which are not being mentioned here because due to the geographical and climatic diversity of India, this number becomes unlimited. Apart from taking proper diet in proper quantity, it is also beneficial to take care of your daily routine.
  •     Eating cool fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, mango etc. should be taken in the mid-afternoon by sitting under the shade of cool trees in the forest or garden. Only seasonal fruits should be consumed, avoid fried foods. reduce weakness and anxiety  for weakness, fatty and sweet foods should be consumed, but for weakness, it is better to consume light digestible and liquid substances. Foods made from sweet and juicy soft drinks such as syrup, juice, sattu mixed with sugar, raw mango panna, oil etc. are beneficial. Seasonal disorders do not arise by eating ghee, milk and shali rice rice or rice. In the summer season, one should sleep in a cool house during the day or in an air-conditioned room like nowadays and in the night under the rays of the moon, in an open place like the roof of the room. It is still prevalent in villages than in cities. The body should be coated with aromatic substances before sleeping. Coconut oil or mixed oil made from coconut oil, jasmine oil, peppermint etc. is used for coating can do According to Ayurveda, massaging the entire body with scented oil (Abhyanga) intensifies the pulse circulation and blood circulation at a faster rate, which helps in nourishing the skin and helps in increasing the immunity of the body. Sandalwood oil, camphor mixed, native rose oil, almond oil are highly prevalent in Abhyang.
  •     In this way, a person does not suffer from disease by consuming diet and prescribed diet according to each season and if it happens, he automatically becomes healthy by avoiding according to the situation. If a person is sick and is also taking medicine but does not take care of diet and diet, then he is not able to get well soon. Consuming dietary food considering proper quantity, country, season etc. is beneficial because the body is food-free.
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    Note: The quantity of suggested food can be increased or decreased and changes can also be made as per requirement, which will completely depend on the individual. 


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