Immunity and autoimmune diseases

Immunity and autoimmune diseases

Dr. Nagendra 'Neeraj'  Director and Medical Incharge,
Yoga-Gram, Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar

Immunity: Nature has made wonderful arrangements for the protection of the body. With the creation of the baby in the womb, the foundation of the immune system is laid to stay healthy. Since childhood, the body's immune system keeps on destroying the toxins produced by pathogens like microbes, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. while constantly fighting with the toxins. Sometimes while being healthy and sometimes being ill, the body's immune system keeps developing continuously while working under a vast network. In this, white blood cells, antibodies, lymphatic system, spleen, thymus, bone, marrow, mucus membrane, tonsils, liver and intestines etc. form a complex network. Once someone suffers from a disease caused by a germ, then again antibodies are prepared in the body to fight against that disease and germ. For example, herd immunity is developed to fight plague, smallpox, measles, etc. by herd immunity. 
Immunity is weakened by wrong diet, thoughts and lifestyle. Right diet Vitamin-C, D, B, A, zinc, copper, magnesium rich diet, fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk, curd, buttermilk, ghee, sprouted grains etc. Idli, Khamman, Khandvi, Ape, Dhokla etc. in the diet, exercise, yoga, pranayama, meditation develop immunity. Frequent cold, fever, cough, infection, fatigue, blood related disease, auto immune disease, skin and stomach infection and inflammation, junk-food processed, fast-food, confectionery-food, red meat, fried food, tinned And packet diet makes immunity weak.
When any kind of germs, pathogens dominate the body, in response and response, the brave soldiers of the body's immune system fight and eliminate them. This fight takes place on many levels. For the immunity of the body, nature has prepared a huge complex unique network of immunity. Briefly understand and know. There are two main types of immunity in our body. There is (1) innate or native immunity and (2) adoptive immunity.
1.    Innate or Native Immunity
    The caste, tribe, society and group which was suffering from any germ years ago, that caste group develops immunity against that germ. This is called native or immunity.
2.    Under Adoptive Immunity
    (a)    Maternal passive 'humoral immunity' and 
    (b)    maternal cell mediated immunity happens.
Nature lays the foundation of both these types of immunity during pregnancy.
(a) Maternal passive 'humoral immunity'
Maternal anti-bodies IgG reaches the fetus with the help of neonatal FCRN receptors along with placental cells in the third month of pregnancy. The second antibody, IgA, reaches the infant's body with the mother's first breast milk after delivery. Both IgM and IgD are expressed together in the fifth month of pregnancy. IgE is produced rapidly in allergic diseases. These are natural antibodies. Which are usually present in small amounts in the blood. In response to infection, their number increases to fight, fight, die and kill, which fight with germs from birth till life, enhance our immunity and keep us healthy.
Intranasal and intramuscular injections of monoclonal antibodies are given to generate artificial immunity, as given in Kovid-19 and its different variants. Artificial transfer sensitized activated T-cells are transferred from one person to another. It is rarely used. For this it is necessary to have matching i.e. histocompatible and mutual tolerance.
(b) Maternal cell mediated immunity
In this type of immunity, the first immune hemopoietic stem cells develop in the Embryonic Egg Yolk Sac in the first week of development of the embryo created by the meeting of the egg-sperm of the parents. Over a period of time, it reaches the bone marrow via the liver spleen. In the bone marrow itself B. And the foundation of T. lymphocyte is laid, then they are cloned in the thymus. That's where B. Lymphocyte according to its capacity Plasma cell and second memory B. Trained in cell form.
Plasma cells prepare and send antibodies in the blood and lymph flow to kill germs. To destroy the enemy microbes, they manufacture immune protein antibodies in the number of crores at the rate of two thousand per second. T-lymphocytes are also trained by selecting them according to their potential as killer cytotoxic T-cells, helper T-cells, regulatory T-cells, memory T-cells. their separately trained auxiliary eosinophils, Neutrophils, vasophils, macrophages, dendritic cells, mast cells, cytokines, chemokines, properdin, badikinin, etc. All of them are born according to diseases and germs from the outbreak of life till death, fighting with them and keeping us healthy by eradicating our diseases and improving our health. memory B. and memory T. lymphocytes, which always remember the germs that once caused them disease. When they attack again, they recognize them and kill them. Helper T-cells assist cytotoxic T-cells to kill microbes. After the fight with the regulatory T-cells microbes is over, the brave, fighting immunity soldiers of different corps and battalions, the security commandos, cytokines, chemokines, killer, memory, etc., return to their respective enclosures and restore peace by ending the invasion and fighting. And get involved with full readiness and dedication in re-establishing peace, peace, health. This condition is of health.
Herd Immunity:
When a large number of people of a collective community, society or caste, in the necessary percentage of people, immunity is created in that community against a particular infection, then it is called herd immunity. It is also called population immunity of the collective population. According to the World Health Organisation, herd immunity can also be obtained through vaccination.
Auto-immune disease
There are more than 80 recognized autoimmune diseases in the world. Autoimmune diseases Food preservatives Color additives Pesticides and chemicals used in agriculture Methyl mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, lithium and drugs containing mercury Poor socioeconomic status Ultraviolet radiation Primary in American and European Caucasian white men Genetic risk factors, pollution, statin, BP, cholesterol etc. medicines, antibiotics etc., genetic mutation due to environmental gene interreaction and Vitamin-A, D, B-12, B-6, B-9, Omega in the body It is caused due to deficiency of fatty acid elements, mental stress, fast food, synthetic food, processed and confectionery foods, lack of exercise.
According to a recent survey, the highest number of S.L.E. And Jogran syndrome patients are in Britain and America due to the obsession with cleanliness and food reaching the extent of insanity, due to lack of exposure to disease-causing pathogenic and friendly bacteria in the body, probiotics i.e. bad and good bacteria in our body fight diseases. The immune system is not well developed due to which the western developed countries are the most trapped in the clutches of autoimmune diseases. Slowly, now this disease has started spreading in India too.
So far, more than 80 types of recognized autoimmune diseases have been detected in the world. Chief among them are the following-
1. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Disease:
Lupus is an inflammatory disease of the connective tissue, in which every organ from the skin to the respiratory system, lungs, heart and blood vessels, kidneys, liver, brain, i.e. each and every organ of the body is severely affected. Are.
Types of SLE: These are usually of four types-
a)    Lupus dermatitis 
b)    Systemic Lupus (Erythamatosus)
c)    systemic lupus erythematosus caused by side effects of drugs (drug induced SLE)
d)    Neo Natal Lupus
First of all, the skin is characterized by a characteristic type of butterfly-shaped crust with papular, rough, hematopoietic stripes. Sometimes a butterfly rash appears on the nose, face and cheeks. Severe fatigue, joint pain, swelling, burning and redness, hair loss, anemia, tendency to form blood clots, due to the effect of cold the fingers turn white, blue, swollen, feel tingling and shivering. This is called 'Raynaud's Phenomenon'. Digestive system, lungs, heart and blood vessels are badly affected. Both blood clotting and bleeding symptoms can be seen. Chest pain, angina, heart attack, urinary tract infection, yeast and salmonella infections also occur. Ulcers or sores of the mucus membranes of the nose, mouth, lips, Thinning of hair, Hair loss, Sensitivity to light, Pain, swelling in hands, feet, knees, wrists, fingers, back, ears or any small joints , redness, irritation, irregular heart and pulse, palpitations, heart cover, pleuritis, nephritis, etc., are many symptoms of kidney disease. Bone cells and tissues start getting destroyed. Osteopenia and osteoporosis due to calcium, vitamin-D deficiency, complications increase during pregnancy. Preeclampsia, premature delivery, low birth weight baby, sometimes miscarriage or abortion, etc. are also seen in many other diseases. Diagnosing it is a difficult task.
2. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
When the immune system attacks the outer lining of the intestines causing diarrhea, abdominal cramps, pain, bleeding from the anus, fever, weight loss. IBD There are mainly two diseases under it - ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.
3. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
When rebel soldiers of the immune system attack the myelin that protects nerves and damage them. As a result, diseases such as pain in the whole body, weakness, muscle spasms, blindness etc. arise. For this, different types of medicines with anti-suppressive immune system are given.
According to a research report published in Stele Stemcell Volume 25 Issue 4 P. Page 473-465 E. 8, with aging, remyelination starts to end due to improper functioning of specific types of neuroglia cells, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, precursor cells of the central nervous system. Is. There is a special type of myelin sheath layer around the nerve fiber nerves of the brain and spinal cord. It acts like an insulator. The nerve fiber provides protection to the nerve, due to which the communication of electrical signal is done efficiently and due to the communication of bio-electromagnetic impulse energy between different parts of the body, they work very efficiently and with full capacity. Inactivation and destruction of oligodendrocytes precursor cells causes inflammation in them. Small patches, plaques, lesions, spots, cuts are visible in the nerves at various places. The result is multiple sclerosis (MS). Its diagnosis is done by MRI. 
It is done by checking. A.D.F. Damaged myelin due to effect of nerve myelin two genes mTOR and AMPK are particularly well affected repair and their development, promotion and protection are done well. From this M.S. And other nerve related diseases also get amazing benefits.
AMPs are the major central regulators of cellular metabolism in eukaryotes of which is intracellular ATP. Activates when low. It is associated with cellular processes including autophagy and cell polarity. AMP due to complete fasting and intermittent fasting and prolonged exercise etc. stress is activated.
AMPK as required, activated monophosphate kinase acts as a cellular energy sensor. It regulates cell growth, proliferation, homeostasis by on-off switching of catabolic pathways. Not only that, it effectively reduces stubborn, stored white abdominal fat. A. D.F. Or by increasing the activation and expression of the inactive gene mTOR i.e. Mammalian Target of Rapamycin by alternate day fasting, by increasing the production and regeneration of oligodendrocytes precursor and neuroglia cells called epidymal, inflammation of myelin, scarring and sclerosis is removed. Damaged myelin regenerates. According to this research, due to the effect of alternate day fasting, the expression of AMPK and mTOR genes leads to protection of myelin of nerves and proper regulation, control and planning of growth, reprogramming metabolism, autophagy and cell polarity of cells.
4. Rheumatoid Arthritis
The immune system produces some dangerous antibodies that attack the ligaments, tendons, collagen fibrils, fibroblasts, ECM of the bones and their joints. Damages the joints by attacking the extracellular matrix components, granulation tissue etc. For this, injections and medicines are given. These include pain, swelling, fever, pain in more than one joint, swelling and stiffness, weight loss, fatigue, anemia, weakness, low hemoglobin, etc. S. R. R. A. Factor and A. N. A. ', is increased.
5. Guillain-Barre Syndrome
GBS Militant soldiers of the immune system on the nerves that control muscles in the limbs and other organs they cause symptoms like weakness, tiredness etc. by hitting them. It is treated by filtering the blood through plasmapheresis process. 
6. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating
Polyneuropathy above MS, GBS Like C.I.D.P. In disease, the treacherous soldiers of the immune system attack the nerves and make the patient crippled. 30-40 percent of the patients have to live life on a cribl chair. In this, due to progressive immune mediated symmetrical-predominant peripheral neuropathy, every part of the body is affected. Due to this, symptoms of fatigue, clumsiness of the body, numbness, tingling etc. are seen in the organs.
7. Graves' disease
In this, the valiant evil soldiers antibodies of the immune system attack the thyroid and force it to produce excessive amounts of hormones, due to which the patient's eyes swell, bulge, (Ophthalmic) lack of weight, rapid heartbeat, hair dryness, Thin, hair fall etc. symptoms are visible. In this, thyroid operation is advised. It is also called Graves Ophthalmopathy.
8. Hashimoto's thyroiditis
While in Graves' disease hyperthyroidism is caused by attacking the thyroid, militant devil soldiers antibodies of the immune system attack the thyroid and destroy the thyroid cells by destroying the power to produce thyroid hormone in small amounts. Hormonal diseases cause hypothyroidism. It also includes joint pain, constipation and hair fall, loss of memory, fatigue, obesity, depression, pale lifeless, dry, dry and sensitive skin sensitive to cold, irregular and excessive menstruation, difficulty in conceiving and confused, slow heart beat. symptoms appear. Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's thyroiditis are both friendly at the metabolic level. Excessive use of sex hormones and iodine, radiation exposure are the main reasons. Hormonal medicine is given in this. 
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