Disappointed patients at Patanjali Wellness People got ray of hope

Disappointed patients at Patanjali Wellness People got ray of hope

Dr. Anurag  
Doctor - Patanjali Yogagram

Yog-gram is the world's largest institute of Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy, Acupressure therapy, Psychotherapy, Yagya therapy. Yogagraan, run by Patanjali Yog Peeth, based on Indian culture, is a unique healing pilgrimage place of Ayurveda medicine Triveni, in which patients constantly bathe in the confluence of this Triveni for health and disease recovery. Many autoimmune diseases like Parkinson's, motor neuron disease, dementia etc. Patients suffering from heart disease, S.L.E. type one diabetes and many other autoimmune diseases like progressive neurological disease, tumor ulcer, stomach, lung, heart, thyroid, female diseases and many other known unknown diseases. They are coming and are returning after getting health, happiness and peace. Every morning Pujyapad Swamiji Maharaj's inspirational, health-providing yoga is natural and Ayurveda and modern medicine method, the critical address of the research work being done by the Tapanjali Reserve Institute, acts as a nectar-like blessing for the dead sanjeevani for the health seekers. Sangh of its kind in the world, for the caste to stay healthy and standard of living, mind and Maharogya rituals are going on. Yogpeeth is doing unique work of national health protection, health promotion and disease prevention in the world. So far crores of people have got the grain of healthy life from Patanjali Yogpeeth. Such work is incomparable in the field of health in the world. The work done by Patanjali Yogpeeth to make natural, yoga, Ayurveda medicine a place through research in education, nature, yoga and Ayurveda is unique.

Got breast cancer cured with Yoga-Ayurveda

Swamiji,  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Advised to get it done. I got the operation done and also got chemotherapy done. Then I did not know much about Swamiji Patanjali and Ayurveda medicine. Swamiji, you came during the Sangli camp in 2007, then I joined your camp. Swami ji, since then I keep doing yoga, pranayama and other asanas regularly. Swami ji, after the operation, I took allopathy medicine only for 6 months, then I stopped taking the medicine. Due to continuous taking of allopathy medicine, some other problems started coming to the fore. That's when I started taking Ayurvedic medicine. Since then till today I am taking medicine. From whom till date I have not seen any other problem or symptoms of getting cancer again. Swamiji, I have faith in Ayurvedic medicines. Swami ji, I bow down before you. 
Supriya, Kolhapur (Maharashtra)

Got myself completely healthy with yoga and fasting

Swamiju, Pranam, I had come here three years back, I was suffering from Arthritis. Then Swamiji, you had said that sister will be fine. Now my Arthritis is completely cured, that too with your guidance. Swami ji, earlier there was stiffness in my hands and feet, I used to have difficulty in walking. In this I started fasting. Swamiji, I fasted continuously for 22 days, in which I used to take dates, fruits etc. Along with this, I used to take care of yoga as well, I used to do yoga too. Swami ji, I again went to the doctor and got it checked, then the doctor told that now your arthritis has been cured. I thank you very much. 
Yoga Devotee, Bhavnagar (Gujarat)

Blood pressure normalized by yoga

Yes, I have come here from London. my blood pressure and heart rate it was increased. It's only been 4 days since I came here. Swami ji, my blood pressure improved after coming here and getting Ayurvedic treatment. It has become normal and along with this my weight is also reduced by 2 kgs.
I am quite impressed by the natural environment here, the behavior of the staff here and the method of treatment. Swamiji, earlier I could not believe that I would get well so soon with the method of Yoga and Ayurvedic treatment. After coming here, I have felt a lot of improvement in my health by adopting yoga, healthy food and regular routine. Swami ji, I bow down to you at your feet. 
Inderdeep Sharma, London

Years old sugar was cured by adopting Yoga and Ayurveda

After showing Swami Doctor he told me Swamiji, I am suffering from diabetes since 37 years. Advised to take insulin. Due to increasing disease, I used to take 10 units of insulin in the morning, 20 in the afternoon, 20 in the evening and 50 units at night. Swamiji, I am inspired to come to you. But came from watching live. My wife also suffered paralysis stroke, then my wife's right leg and hand were affected. I got treatment done in America but there was not much relief. Swami ji, everyone started advising me to go to Patanjali. Even my daughter is a doctor, she also believes in yoga. He also told me to go to Patanjali. Swamiji, I have come here from America with my wife for treatment. According to the treatment and diet chart here, it has been 3 days today, after three days of treatment, I have stopped taking insulin. 
 Yoga Seeker, America

Viral infection of the mouth was cured by Ayurvedic treatment

Yes, 4 years ago I had a viral infection in my mouth. After that I got YFC done. After that I continued to take allopathy medicine, but there was no relief in my disease, on the contrary, my disease kept on increasing, instead of decreasing. Swamiji, during the Corona period, my illness increased more. After that I got YFC done again, then the doctor told me about mouth cancer. He advised me to get the operation done. Swamiji, I did not get the operation done and I came back home. After coming home, I watched your morning TV. Started watching live programs. I started doing yoga after watching a yoga program.
Swamiji, I had come to Patanjali about 4 months back and had also taken Ayurvedic medicine. After getting Swami Yoga and Ayurvedic treatment, I am feeling healthy now. Millions of salutations to you. 
- Satish Chandra Sharma, Alwar (Rajasthan)

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